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Real-time revenue

Generate revenue immediately by pushing out deals to bring students through your doors.

Campaign control

Tailor deal campaigns based on insights gained from real-time analytics on our admin panel.

Engage with students

Reach your most sought after customers instantly through our mobile app.

Mission control for your business.

Create deal campaigns and view the realĀ­-time analytics in our admin control panel. You are now in charge of your business like never before.

Create realĀ­-time campaigns.

Pick a product, choose your discount, select a timeframe, and blast out your deal campaign for students to instantly view on our mobile app.

Easily accept Hallspot deals.

Your employees apply the discount when customers show the redeemed deal on their smartphone. Customers pay at checkout as they normally would do - Hallspot never holds on to your money.

Visualize results.

View campaign analytics and track campaign results as they happen to immediately gauge which deals are working best for your business.

Words from business owners like you.

We know you have options, but we're the best.

"Hallspot has increased our business, here at Rennie's Landing, substantially. We have students come in to our campus bar and specifically ask about our "Hallspot Deals" which include discounts on our famous Cheesy Bacon Tots, Rennie's Lemonades and all Deschutes products. Hallspot has given us the opportunity to expand our customer base through its social media network app dramatically increasing our revenue stream."

Peter VanderBogart

Rennie's Landing Eugene, Oregon

"As a marketing executive one of the hardest demographics to reach is college students. Hallspot made it possible to run a promotion tailored specifically for college students. Their deep understanding of their users resulted in a very successful campaign. I look forward to working with Hallspot again in the future."

Owen Garitty

Prink Technologies Portland, Oregon

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